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Portugal’s choreography takes the dancers to the very limits of physical possibility, and often incorporates the “beat” of the Bach in entirely startling ways. Rarely have I seen a dense collection of movements parallel a score so closely. A single note emphatically played, and a foot might strike out like a momentary afterthought, or an arrow-straight body suddenly crumple. Portugal expands even small, inconspicuous gestures into something much bigger, continually making instinctive and fluid transitions from one movement into another

Filipe Porugal dance for a long time in Heinz Spoerli's Zürich Ballet, and his teachings are evident in his work.

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Event Details

  • From: 27/05/2017
  • To: 27/05/2017
  • Starting at: 07:30 PM
  • Finishing at: 10:00 PM


  • Opernhaus
  • Falkenstrasse 1
  • Zürich
  • 8008
  • Switzerland
  • 044 268 64 00