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Brief summary of the performance

Classical vocabulary meets modern movement language: "A dancer dares to try something different. The unknown, the new. But she doesn't say goodbye to what she has learned so far. She wants to continue there. But she is also happy to try something new and to gain undreamt-of experience. It is a bit the story of my life and that of many other dancers.

Truly commendable is the originality of the ensemble sections, and the insights that bring facets of human psychology to the fore. We can only look forward to more of his work.

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Event Details

  • From: 17/12/2014
  • To: 17/12/2014
  • Starting at: 07:00 PM
  • Finishing at: 09:30 PM

Event Price

  • CHF 11.00


  • Opernhaus Zürich
  • Falkenstrasse 1
  • Zürich
  • 8008
  • Switzerland
  • 044 268 66 66